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Evidential Psychic Medium

   Michael Edley has been a psychic medium all his life. His first memory of connecting with spirit was at age 3. Michael is a New Jersey native with Romani Gypsy heritage. He has used his abilities to guide him throughout his life. His gifts have led him to be an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor and composer/musician. After Super Storm Sandy ravaged our beautiful Jersey shore, Michael was guided by Spirit to create a space for the community to come together and explore their own awakening to the mind, body, spirit connection, in a safe and supportive environment. He transformed the additional space of one of his businesses and in that moment the New Jersey Spiritual Center was born.  Michael is available for workshops,classes, private and group readings.Call 732-840-0014 or email to schedule your appointment today. 

Business Advisor/Consulting

 Michael Edley  is an entrepreneur, business owner, composer/musician, real estate investor and psychic medium. Michael currently is principal officer of  Nature Works L.L.C. Nature Works LLC includes two pet stores "Pet Asylum", Grandma Mae's country natural pet food company and The New Jersey Spiritual Center. 
       Do you want to elevate your life? Are you living with a purpose and passion that will uplift you each and every day? Do you want to create an amazing existence in which you live to your full potential? Manifesting your full potential is a workshop designed to help you develop your psychic mindset and awareness for positive growth into all areas of your life. Everything you need is locked up inside you…..Once you understand and develop these internal resources, your possibilities are endless. This workshop will help you redefine every aspect of your life. Manifesting your full potential will enable you to finally experience a life you want and deserve. Dramatic improvement will start to flow into your learning, creativity, memory, focus, problem solving, relationships, health, professional career and so much more. Manifesting your full potential will help you to discover and awaken your inner abilities that can truly be the difference between your success and failure. Michael will explain the spiritual connection of the universe and how you can truly understand the mechanics of what goes on in the metaphysical world. Contact Michael today. Michael can show you how to harness and develop these abilities to manifest your life of full and unlimited potential.  

Life Coaching

  Since the age of three, Michael has connected to spirit. He is of Hungarian Romani Gypsy heritage and he was born with the gift of psychic mediumship abilities. He uses these abilities to guide him throughout his life and businesses. Michael has attended various schools such as The Institute of Audio Research where he went to study audio engineering. Michael also attended Ocean County College and The College of New Jersey. He studied applied sciences, economics, and music. Since 1989 Michael has been heavily involved in recording work and live music performance. At the age of twenty two Michael started his first company Primedia sound design which wrote and recorded music for radio and television including, WJRZ 100.1, NJ 101.5, 106.3, WRAT 95.9, and CBS. Recently Michael finished audio and music production for actress, comedian, and the world's fastest talking woman Fran Capo on her E-book  Hopeville -The city of light. Michael now uses his highly tuned intuitive abilities to inspire profound spiritual growth and life changing transformation to all his audiences

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